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Things which have emerged from my radiator

The previous tenants of my flat had a couple of children. This is of little consequence, except a month or so after moving in, I noticed something poking out from the bottom of the living room radiator:

I was a little surprised at first. Upon removing it completely it was revealed to a brightly-coloured fireman. Maybe there’s a similarly brightly-coloured fire engine in there too, I briefly wondered. Then I thought of something better to do, like check FaceBook.

I thought no more of the matter, although for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to throw the fireman away. However a few months ago the radiator yielded another gift:

This time it was a wooden number 2. It was painted green and had two small cows on it, presumably as part of a farmyard-themed set of numbers. I put it under the coffee table with the astronaut, but otherwise forgot about it, until last week, when the business end of a teaspoon poked out from the bottom of the radiator. This one took a little persuading to remove it from said radiator:

I put it with the other three items which have so far emerged. I wonder what, if anything is still in there, waiting for the hot/cold expansion/contraction cycle to pass it through the radiator’s vanes? I could get a stick and actively clean the thing out but this way is more fun. Should anything else I appear I’ll be sure to update this post. Anything less would be a¬†dereliction¬†of duty.