Web.Config is a monster which will eat us all

Just like I remember when all this was fields, I remember when web.config was just a small hamlet of xml blocks. Then I started working on the project in earnest and it grew into a textual sprawl. I’d get lost amongst its sections, scrolling this way and that before frantically hitting CTRL-F like a lost tourist trying to hail a taxi.

One day I expect to arrive at work and find web.config sitting at my desk.

“What’s going on?” I’d ask.

“Oh,” my colleagues would say, “web.config got so complex that it achieved sentience. The only way we could keep it in the building was to give it your job.”

Web.config would smile a broad, hungry smile. And then it would eat us all.

Web.Config, yesterday

By Sprint 5 of the project, web.config escaped the building.

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